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Abraham Lincoln, who served as sixteenth president of the United States, once famously said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. #sharpenyouraxe

In other words, if he could prepare by sharpening his axe, he would be more effective at chopping down the tree.

task axe
Sharpen your axe. In other words, be prepared.

Of course, Lincoln was using the tree and his axe as metaphors… and it probably made more sense back then, when people chopped down trees with axes! Still, we love the message. In order to make the most of any opportunity (to get timber), you need to be prepared (sharpen your axe).  

Thanks Lincoln. We could not have said that better, so we stole his metaphor! Task Axe was created to help you be more effective in what you do and prepare you for your next big thing. Learn to be more productive, make time for what matters and most of all, learn about you.

Danny Hile started Task Axe

Danny Hile is the founder of Task Axe and author of, “Time to Start Your Next Big Thing”. He delivers workshops and has designed courses on time management, goal setting, business productivity and work life balance. Task Axe is a collection of those and other resources to help you kick ass at work.

Danny teaching his “Work Life Sustainability” webinar.

Danny has achieved his Master of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce. He has experience teaching entrepreneurs, managers, executives, assistants, students and randoms how to be more effective, in work and life.