1 percent brains, 99 percent hard work

1 percent brains

In my first week of university, I recall sitting in a lecture doubting my ability. My lecturer said, “Look to your left. Look to your right. By the end of your first semester, one of you won’t be here because you failed or quit”. Such inspiring words for an already nervous 19 year old! I […]

Mistakes successful people make

Mistakes successful people make

Can you make mistakes and be successful? Absolutely, Do some people make mistakes that they never fully recover from? Yes, that happens too. Even I make mistakes (hard to believe, I know) So, what’s the difference between mistakes made by successful versus unsuccessful people? Let’s have a look as some successful people who have made […]

First you must learn principles

Learn principles first

If you want to master anything, it helps to first learn principles. When you go deep enough, everything in this world has principles, which underlie specific methods you might use. Once you understand that, you will realise, almost nothing is new. Few things really change I speak with business owners and advertising professionals every day, […]