Knowing is not enough. We must apply.

Knowing is not enough

Bruce Lee famously once said, “knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”. You and I live in a time when information is plentiful. Almost anything you want to know or learn is at your fingertips. It is understandable that many people still think we’re in the information age. […]

Less marketing. More impact.

Im marketing, less is more.

Today’s business is faster, more complex and more challenging than before. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages before dawn and after sunset. In my role as a TV Advertising Executive, I regularly encounter business owners, managers and even marketing professionals who believe that means their brand needs to be everywhere. Marketing is about cutting through […]

How to decide which tasks you should outsource


Outsourcing tasks is easier than ever before but how do you decide what you should outsource? Some entrepreneurs believe everything should be done internally, so they can control the quality. Some entrepreneurs believe that everything should be outsourced, so they save time and money. I would argue the reality is somewhere in the middle. You […]

Why you need to learn to say no!

7 Simple Steps to Time Management

Time is precious and your life is made up of time. Therefore it may be said that when you waste time you are wasting your life. You probably don’t realise that every day you make thousands of decisions about where you will focus your attention and your efforts. When you decide to focus on a single […]

How to set priorities and control your time

Learn how to plan and prioritise your workday and you will  be more effective at reaching your goals. I have been able to see first hand what happens when busy people don’t plan or prioritise properly. As a consequence of poor planning many people often miss the results they seek. There are only 24 hours in […]