Work Life Sustainability for Entrepreneurs

Work Life Sustainability for Entrepreneurs

Hustle Culture is Killing Entrepreneurs

‘Hustle’ is the latest buzz word and hustle is killing us, as entrepreneurs. Influencers everywhere are writing articles, sharing photos and live streaming videos about ‘hustling’ -and it’s cool. Well, cool enough to keep their status and attract followers, who just wish they had the energy to keep up with these kids.

But ‘hustle’ has its own problems -plenty of them. ‘Hustle’ implies busyness, being always on the go, sacrificing sleep for more work, putting family and friends last, skipping exercise and working frantically, always.

Humans can perform amazing feats. We can work hard, we can work long hours, we can push ourselves to great heights but we are far from indestructible. In order to stay healthy and productive, most people need sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest, relationships and some of these things aren’t obvious. In fact, we can go on for months (at great risk to our long term health) without proper sleep or nutrition, without social connection or adequate rest… but it’s a ticking time bomb to our health.

Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small and micro-business owners are depended upon heavily for their business to survive. So, if you’re working at full speed, without any concern for your heath (as the leader) you are placing your business at risk too.

Ensuring sustainable work practices, including some balance, makes sense for individuals -employer and employees. Indeed, it makes sense for the businesses long term viability also. Occasionally I hear business leaders say they need to go in to work, even if they are sick or physically exhausted, because their business depends on them.

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs, ask yourself, “What will happen to my business if I get sick long term, permanently ill or if I die?”

In this short course, you will learn why sustainable work practices are essential for the survival of your business. You will learn a few tips and techniques to run your time and your business ‘like a boss’. Most of all, you will learn how to maintain the energy you need to keep driving your business forward in future.



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Level: Easy
Teacher: Danny Hile