Leading Work from Home Teams



Unlock awesome ‘work from home’ secrets for your team’s success

Do you find the idea of letting your team ‘work from home’ scary? Most managers do. Managing teams who work from home requires a dramatic change in how you think and how you lead. Even so, working from home has recently become essential for business survival.

Let’s face it. Your employees might be sitting at home in their underpants, eating Cheetos, surfing YouTube -and you would never know. You know if they were in the office you could make them wear a collared shirt, eat an apple and watch something responsible, like a training video. Ah, that’s better!

Never fear. You can still have an awesome team, even when they work from home because you’re about to learn a whole new set of skills to manage your people. You’re going to learn new techniques and how to tweak what you already know to lead a winning team.

Work from home benefits

There are clear benefits to you and your team having the flexibility to work from home:

  • Stay productive through times of crisis and natural disasters
  • Allow parents and carers to work from home, instead of taking leave
  • Keep projects moving, even when employees can’t all be present
  • Be flexible as your business grows or your needs change
  • Let your people work when and where they perform best

Of course, you must have questions. For example, “How do you know someone is working if you can’t see them right in front of you?” “How can you keep your team all on the same page if you’re not meeting them in the board room every morning?

When you’ve done this course, you will know what your people are working on and what progress they’re making. You can keep your team working towards a common goal, even without a board room meeting every day.

You will still be in control of your ‘ship’ and you can start a web conference every day and remind your staff, “Look at me. I’m the captain now,” like the pirate did in that Tom Hanks movie… anyway, I’m getting off track…

Leading teams who work from home

My point is you will still be able to keep your employees focused because you will learn how to:

  • Keep your projects transparent, so you know who is working on what -when
  • Simplify your team and communications channels to be more efficient
  • Make sure team members understand your big goals and the contribution they make
  • Find and fix bottlenecks in team projects, so your team performance soars
  • Learn what’s possible with technology and how you can get started

Meet your instructor

You might be wondering what I can teach you, apart from how to make a mean curry. Really, I can teach you that… but I digress… My name is Danny Hile and I was Australia’s first specialist in Microsoft Online Services® including Live Meeting® Services. I have helped dozens of managers set up, so their teams can work from home and I can do the same for you.

Enough about me. Think about what you want out of this course. I will teach you how to empower your team, so they get stuff done. You’re going to get everything you need, so your team can start working from home today:

  • 30+ videos, taking you step-by-step through what you need to know
  • Steal our downloadable resources, checklists and templates
  • Lifetime access to your instructor via exclusive course forums
  • Connect with like minded team leaders in our groups and forums
  • Access all future training materials and resources uploaded to this course
  • Learn the tools you need to get the job done, without a physical office

Compare this to the cost of hiring a consultant. You could spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to teach you what’s in these videos. Then it would cost you time and money to develop processes, checklists and templates for your team.

You could learn all of this on your own but that could take months or years of trial and error. Can you afford your team to fumble around trying to get the ball, when your competitors are already scoring goals? What if we’re forced into another scenario where we need to work from home?

Why you need this course

Your team can be ready in just over 1 hour, with this course. A single episode of a bad zombie series lasts longer than that (at least it seems that way!). When you access this course, you will get the knowledge, skills and resources your team need so they can crush this work from home thing. Are you ready for your team’s productivity to skyrocket?

Buy this course today if you want your team productivity to surge, while you all work from home. I’m releasing this course free for a limited time. When you buy this course, you’ll get lifetime access to every new video or resource I add to this course -forever.

Buy this course today, so your team productivity can skyrocket tomorrow.


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