Time to Start Your Next Big Thing eBook


How to find time for your secret passion, business or side project, without quitting your day job

Have you always wanted to start your own business or side project but you can never find the time? Are you ready for your next career move or the next chapter in your life but you’re not really sure where or how to get started? Is it time to start your next big thing?

My name is Danny Hile and I help my clients discover the kind of life they want and find the time and energy they need to get it. You might be surprised at what you learn in this book because everything you and I learned in school about time management is wrong.

  • Time management is about fitting more in your day, right? Wrong!
  • How to say NO to your boss and still keep your job
  • Why you should NEVER let someone else set your goals
  • 8 ways to make your goals the SMARTEST goals you have ever set
  • How to prioritise your own work, without someone else doing that for you

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” -Steve Jobs

Find your definition of success

Positive thinking kills goal setting skillsI was raised believing in the value of hard work. My first real job was flipping burgers for McDonald’s at 15 and I loved having a job where I could work so hard, I would forget about everything else. Looking forward as a teenager, it seemed the life I wanted was an eternity away.

Over the next 20 years, hard work, a supportive family and a bit of old-fashioned grit helped me earn two business degrees, without being particularly academic. I was chosen in the top 4 percent of degree qualified applicants for my sales and negotiation skills, although those who know my best will tell you I was not a born salesman.

I landed a couple of amazing jobs, which challenged me to do better. I was tested to my limits, physically and mentally, to get these jobs and I was tested every day I was in them.

From the outside in, it looked as though I was successful. I always valued accomplishment and honestly, in some areas of my life, I felt accomplished. But the truth is, the definition of success I was trying to live up to, was never my own. It was bittersweet.

I became a master juggler, trying to manage other people’s expectations. At different points in my life, my girlfriend (at the time) wanted me to spend every waking minute with her. My friends missed hanging out with me and guilted me with the ‘you don’t have time for us anymore’ speech. My lecturers decided nothing else mattered, except for my study. My employer thought they should take priority over my study. My brother, Steve, was a natural athlete, so he thought I should be putting more time into training.

Why did this upset me? Most people in my life wanted what was best for me, so did I have a right to feel upset? I felt frustrated because no matter how capable I would become, how hard I was willing to work and how much I would go on to accomplish, I would never meet everyone’s approval.

Stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations

How to focus in a noisy worldSuddenly I realised there were dozens of people who had expectations of me. Keeping everyone happy was and is impossible. Juggling a couple of important roles is okay but if you have too many balls in the air at the same time -you just end up looking like a clown.

During a career change a few years ago, I sat down and did some soul searching. I wrote what I wanted in life and that became my mission statement. I reflected on what I had accomplished through the years and my failures. I realised my greatest source of unhappiness over the years was not failure itself but failing live up to other people’s expectations. An impossible feat.

Today I set my own goals and my own expectations, so I feel like I am back in the driver’s seat. Like Steve Jobs said, looking back, I can connect the dots. I wrote “Time to Start” to help others, who were not sure where to start creating the life they want.

Design the life you want

Would you like to feel back in control of your time and your life? Would you feel happy if you were not trying to keep everyone else happy? “Time to Start” will help you take control and design the life you want.

  • Do you have a dream or goal, which you never find time for?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed, like you cannot do everything that is expected of you?
  • Are you struggling with the arsenal of new information you are expected to learn?
  • Are you finding it difficult to focus at work or at home?
  • Do you sometimes feel lost in life or like it is out of control?
  • Would you like to be more decisive and create your own destiny?

Master your time and your life

“Time to Start” walks you through 7 simple steps to master your time. You will enjoy brief illustrations of powerful concepts adopted by phenomenally successful people. Each chapter has though provoking questions you can ask yourself, so you can discover what you want in life and go after it.

I have helped thousands of students with purpose, goal setting, focus, goal achievement and more. I teach my students 1 on 1, through my book, workshops online courses and my blog.

  • 5 star rating on Amazon and Good Reads
  • Over 3,000 Udemy students, from 119 countries
  • Founder of Task Axe, which helps you “chop through your to-do’s”

Take back in control of your time, your life and your destiny. Work on your own dreams and goals, instead of someone else’s.

7 steps to master your time

Create your personal mission Discover your purpose, your most important roles and your definition of success
Set your own goals Set concrete goals of your own, so you are working towards what you want and need
Focus on what you want Learn how to focus on your goals and ignore anything irrelevant or unimportant to you
Organise your schedule Organise your workdays, so you have a detailed plan to move closer to your goals each day
Make your own decisions Decide what you want and achieve and the best course of action to get you there
Act on your own decisions Put your plan in motion and take immediate and decisive action to get the job done
Review your results and progress Pause and assess your results and progress so far, so you can adjust course if necessary

Why you need this book

You and I are not computers. On any give day we are bombarded with 24-hour news cycles, ‘revolutionary’ new technology, a barrage of communication, advertising on everything from your morning cereal to the sidewalk. We are trying to learn how we can fit in the new world of work, social media and how we can compete with the robots coming for our jobs.

I wrote this book to help others navigate the new world of work and play. The principles I shared on the pages of this book are timeless. They can help you today… and in 100 years (if we’re still alive -don’t laugh… even that could be possible).

What other readers are saying


“A very thoughtful coverage of achievement in life… This is not a large volume. It provides the challenges, details the mechanism and typical decisions one encounters.”

-David Pankhurst, The Book Connection

“Danny’s book is highly actionable and very straight forward… with some of the challenges I have experienced over the last couple of years, it’s brought to my attention the ever-increasing need for me to master my minutes. And so, I know for myself, I need to read this book over and over and over.”

-Nathan Shooter, Thrive Media

“What I liked about this book was it took some complex time management ideas and simplified them. Danny did a great job balancing stories of personal experience and setting actionable tasks to give even the most unorganized person an easy to follow step by step time management system. I highly recommend you read this book whether you want to find more time to start a business, find time for a hobby, start exercising or even find more time for your family. 5 Stars!”

-Peter Brown, Fisique Body Transformations

“I’m really impressed with this book. It’s small and easy to read (and carry around while travelling) but also SO full of gems that it needs a re-write with a highlighter. I’ll be using this as a resource and sharing it with clients also, who will not only start their next big thing, but carry it through to completion with the tools in this well thought out book”.

-Kerrie Phipps, KerriePhipps.com

Limited time, special offer

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What would you pay a consultant or a coach to help you discover what you want in life? What would it be worth to you, to have a clear picture of your goals and a step-by-step plan to help you achieve them? You could pay a consultant, coach or mentor thousands to walk you through your own discovery of these 7 simple but important steps.

“Time to Start” walks you through best practices for discovering your purpose, setting your goals and practical, real world tactics to achieve them. You’re going to love Time to Start because you will unlock secret passions maybe even you forgot you had. Maybe you have been told you’re too old, too young, not smart enough, not rich enough or otherwise told why you won’t succeed… but you can and reading this book can help you take your first steps.

Imagine if you could change your life, for less than the price of one cup of coffee and piece of raisin toast. You can when you order a copy of this book PLUS, if you order it here you get these free bonuses.

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I usually charge around $60 BUT the real value could be much higher. Imagine if your goals became crystal clear and you had a detailed roadmap to get what you want, in less time than you ever thought possible? What would it be worth to you, for example, if you could achieve your biggest goal this year?

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My crazy, no risk, money back guarantee

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