10 tips to stop time wasters at work

Stop time wasters We all know a few time wasters. They’re the people who prevent you from getting your most important work done. Members of the public who walk in unannounced for a long chat; Colleagues who constantly interrupt your most important work; Friends who think studying or working from home is your day off; (more…)

How to stay focused in a noisy world

I believe the future belongs to those who learn how to stay focused. Keep reading. There’s gold in this article. Every day we are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages, thousands of ‘must read’ articles, hundreds of updates from friends, hours of new must watch videos and 24 hour news. Are you still there? People’s (more…)

If you want to be successful, pay attention

If you want to be successful, you need to pay attention. You need to focus on your goals if you want to achieve them. Focus, however,┬áis something that’s in steady decline. In fact, our attention spans are getting so bad, that only 1 in 5 people will finish reading this brief article. Just 15 years (more…)